My name is Bojana Lukić. I am a visual artist, born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1979.
I graduated with honors in painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan in 2005.
Since 2002, I have been actively exhibiting solo but also taking part in over 30 exhibitions in my country as well as abroad (Italy, France, Austria, Japan, Croatia). My works are part of both foreign and national collections. I am also author and facilitator of many workshops for children, teenagers and adults (working for institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, National Museum in Belgrade, and on projects like Festival of Children Literature and Illustrations Krokodokodil in Belgrade, Bormioli project in Milan, Artist goes to school program in Wien and many others). I have been working with children as an educator and art teacher for many years.

I have been a member of ULUS (Association of Serbian Artists) since 2009. In 2010 I attended Artist-in-Residence program at Kultur Kontakt, Austria; I also participated in a three-day workshop for young and emerging artists at the renowned gallery ''Via Farini'' in Milan, under the guidance of Bosnian artist Maja Bajević. I took part in a seven-day artist's colony for young artists in Lipovac, Serbia.
In 2016 I worked as an Executive Art Director for Kobayagi toys.
In the year 2017 I attended educational course for working with children called Design for Change in Madrid.
In 2018, I entered the program Creative Mentorship, in Belgrade, designed to empower culture scene and offer support to striving professionals who aim to improve their skill and exchange knowledge under the mentorship of more experienced colleagues. I also attended international art program Common Ground, which took part in Cork, Ireland, and Budapest, Hungary.

In my spare time I love working on a personal project that holds a special place in my hear – Lovemade official, hand making unique collage art illustrations and other gifts (Instagram, Fb: Lovemade official).

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